The lock has two deadlocked bolts: a double action bolt and a dead bolt. The dead boltis withdrawn inside lock case by motor and double action bolt is released, when electricalcontrol is on.The lock can always be opened by inside handle. Mechanical opening by cylinder is alwayspossible.

Momentary: Dead bolt is retained inside the lock case for the adjusted delay of 2...15seconds.Continuous: Dead bolt is retained inside lock case as long as electrical control is on.When the door closes, and the delay / electrical control is off, both bolts are deadlocked.In the case of power failure, the bolts are always deadlocked.


Motor locks are used in the doors requiring:

  • Convenience (push / pull function)
  • Security (no handles outside)
  • High durability (high traffic doors)

The locks are recommended to be used in the interior and exterior doors of business
premises, public buildings, hospitals, educational premises etc. Typical applications are:

  • Entrance doors
  • Interior entrance doors between different building sections
  • Corridor doors
  • Fire doors (high traffic)
  • High traffic access controlled doors
  • Swing doors with door automatics

EL520 are used in wooden and metal doors. EL420 are used in narrow profile doors.
When exit by handle is needed, the lock is installed with the inside handle. When both
access and exit is electrically controlled, the lock is installed with pulls on the both sides
of the door. The locks can be electrically controlled by access control system or by other
remote control system such as timer, keypad or push button.
The locks can be used both in exit and in fire rated doors (EN).
Also available lock cases for Swiss cylinder (RZ):

  • EL522 for wooden or metal doors
  • EL422 for narrow profile doors

Lock case is delivered as opening direction 2.4.
Standard delivery includes:

  • Lock case
  • Fixing screws etc.
  • Spindle adapters
  • Installation manual

Please specify when ordering:

  • Lock type
  • Backset, Forend
  • Opening direction to select strike plate

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