The locks are recommended to be used in the interior doors ofbusiness premises, public buildings, hospitals, educational premisesetc. Typical applications are the doors of:- Offices- Meeting rooms- Storage rooms- Technical maintenance rooms- Consulting rooms- Fire doors (medium traffic)


Handle controlled locks can be set to function as fail locked or as failunlocked. In the fail locked setting, the lock can be opened by controlledhandle when power is on, and it can not be opened by controlled handle,when power is off. In the fail unlocked setting, the electrical functionis the opposite.
ABLOY® EL560 and ABLOY® EL460Only outside handle is electrically controlled. The lock can always beopened by inside handle. Mechanical opening by cylinder is alwayspossible.
ABLOY® EL561 and ABLOY® EL461Both inside and outside handles are electrically controlled. Mechanicalopening by cylinder or thumbturn is always possible.

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