Wall Readers

Technical data – SMART air™ wall readers

  • Application Doors (e.g. entrance, transit) and Gates, Elevators
  • Verticals All industries
  • Traffic volume High
  • Exterior usage Yes (IP55) Up to 85% humidity without condensation, Temperature (-10°C and +80°C)
  • Hardware compatibility and installation To be combined with electromechanical devices to unlock the door (e.g. electric strike plates, electromagnetic locks or escape routes), Cabling needed
  • Power supply Cabled 12-24 VCC
  • System management Stand-Alone, Offline, Update on Card, Wireless online
  • Multi-authentication Reader and PIN
  • Status information No
  • Certifications CE
SMART air™ wall reader types
  • Standard wall reader
  • Wall reader with Keypad for multiauthenication (Different levels: PIN, PIN & CARD, only Card), PIN: 4 to 6 digits
  • Cards contact wall reader/updater before presenting to door devices to update access rights of the door (for system management “Update on Card”)
  • Slim design version for narrow or aluminium profile doors
Technical drawings and dimensions
  • Small wall reader - slim design
  • Wall reader without keypad
  • Wall reader with keypad
  • Wall updater

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